Monday, January 22, 2007

bloody "explorer"

Hey All!!

LOL due to some problems with my internet "explorer"... i was not able to update my blog daily LOL ...

So i will try to be short, sweet and detailed as i can..

Anyways for the past few weeks i have been very busy with fixing n polishing guitars for my students. i kinda do this every half year or a year to freshen up the guitatr conditions n replace old strings with fresh n new Aderio strings.

I have also been busy with tours for malaysian artist lyke Cried Baby, Paintbucket, Madhouse, Chromes, Sourtury etc, being their guitar tuner n work the sound systems making sure the guitars r tuned to their preferences and also that the band sounds great!

doing these gigs.. i tell u guys its soo tiring LOL staying at the gigs till 1-2 in the morn n then waking up at lunch time hehe.. basically thats the routine for my holidayz... lol waking up late n in the afternoon just practicing my licks n riffs on the guitar...


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